Bible Story: Churches are trained to take the Word of God among believers and other people in oral form through stories. Also they are encouraged to craft Bible based stories in their mother tongue. They themselves learn the Word by using and sharing it among their own church and community people. Under this process believers are taught how to make a Bible portion understandable in a simple language without changing its original meaning. At the same time it helps people to have their own personal Bible study with the help of Bible stories.

Orientation Programs - which gives the Churches awareness of Storying programs And also gives short introduction to the participants to use the Bible Story for discipleship and evangelism.

Crafting clubs - which will be the impact of the Orientation workshop where the believers will gather according to their convenient time (weekly or monthly) and will craft stories from Bible. Through these activities the Participants will learn the Bible portions easily.

Monthly workshops - where Stories are crafted from Bible. It will be made as different story sets according to the Themes. The each set will have many stories on basis of it's theme. After crafting Stories we will have checking by consultant for the accuracy during the workshop and also the stories will be checked in village for the neutrality and language.

SFG (Story fellowship groups) - where the Bible stories will be used to learn the Bible by a group of people with the help of a person (Facilitator). It is the part of Distribution of Bible stories.


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